Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, it started out as a future purchase, but now it just might be on the do-no-buy list!

Have you ever watched a movie for the first time and thought, "This movie is great!"?  You know what I'm talking about, where you really relate to the protagonist, he (or for you female types, she) is someone who seems really cool and you wish your life could be as cool as his, especially for what he does for a living.

I really thought that with "High Fidelity."  For some reason, back in 2001, I could really relate to John Cusack's character, Rob.  No, not the terrible boyfriend part.  I just thought it was so cool that there was someone with that much passion for music... AND listmaking.  I can't tell you how much this ending quote fueled my need to make the perfect compilation:

"The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up is hard to do. It takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick it off with a killer to grab attention. Then you gotta take it up a notch. But you don't want to blow your wad. So then you gotta cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules. Anyway, I've started to make a tape, in my head, for Laura. Full of stuff she'd like. Full of stuff that'd make her happy. For the first time I can sorta see how that's done."

For some reason, that just resonated with me to this day.  And the way Rob would just talk about stuff was something I could relate to.

And, of course, it was MY introduction to a man... an amazing man... a god amongst men... Jack... Black!

I don't what it was, but it started a love affair (not literally!) for JB and all his earthly creations (well, not all of his earthly creations, again, literally).  So it had music, lists, Jack Black - it was just something that resonated with how I felt about love and life.  Since then, I've been wondering what it would have been like to actually own the DVD.  I mean, come on, Jack Black singing - that right there is movie gold!  You can't give that stuff away for free!  It's gotta be earned... or bought for $9.99.

And I was so ready to have this movie as my Future Purchase for this week... that is, until I saw it on IndiePlex last night.  Didn't catch the first half-hour but I had seen it before.  I knew what it was all about, so it didn't bother me (too much) to watch 'til the end.  But as I watched it, I realized that I only liked the movie when I could phase out John Cusack.  Nevermind his character, Rob, John is really annoying!  And he's done it with so many movies since High Fidelity was released in 2000.

America's Sweethearts


Must Love Dogs

I haven't seen any of his other movies since 2000, but I can imagine it's the same thing overand over again: an overly emotional whiner who's unable to be with the woman he loves because he can't get over the way his romantic relationships have ended in the past so he can't love the one woman who would make his whole life happy so he spend two hours of my life, along with any money I spent on tickets, rentals, or purchase of the movie so that I feel like less of a person because I had to watch John Cusack go on and on about how he can't find love in his pathetic little existence of a life, and ANOTHER thing... but I digress... A LOT!

So what's a guy to do in this situation?  Ultimately, I have been searching for the ultimate compilation my entire life because of this movie.  I am in awe of the collection of music Rob has in his apartment and how he can spend countless hours organizing them alphabetically, chronologically, and autobiographically.  It's something I do with my DVDs, probably because of Rob.  But is it worth 10 bucks to own this movie?  As long as my mind continues to block out John Cusack, I possibly could.  

But what if my mind loses that capability?  What would I do with the DVD?  Use it as a coaster?  Play frisbee with it?  Because I can't let this get out in the world for those without John Cusack Blocking Ability (JCBA).  It could turn everyone's brain into mush, just like the acting job he put into this movie.  So what is said in the movie truly moved me, but seeing John Cusack can be too much.  Maybe if I just buy the script...

So this weekend is the SO's turn to choose a DVD for our viewing pleasure (displeasure most likely for me).  And I'll need to get through a couple more movies on the DVR, so plenty more posts to be written...


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