Monday, February 9, 2009

Why is it never as easy as it seems?

Well, the SO broke down.  Sort of.  Kind of.  Well, there was a compromise.

So last week's "Future Purchases" post dealt with two movies, Zack and Miri... and Nick and Norah's....  And actually, this weekend, I was able to purchase both, but at a cost that is more than the $34 I spent to buy the two DVDs.  In a nutshe... in simplest terms, the amount of money I spend on DVDs must equal the amount the SO can spend on yarn/knitting stuff.

Yeah, I know.  Sucks.  So she's allowed now to buy $34 worth of yarn or needles or whatever she wants.  I really hope that there's nothing coming up soon that I want to buy.  It's bad enough she would accuse me of just buying it on Amazon and hiding it from her.  Oh, wait, already did that way too many times before.

It's probably bad that I do... did that, but she forces me to.  I mean, how can you withstand the uber-ultra deluxe super duper special edition of Batman: The Animated Series?  No, I haven't bought it (yet).  So I'm not a total schmuck.  But she's just as bad.  Have you seen her stash (no, not that kind of stash - it's a stash of yarn)?  It's like a mile high, almost eight miles.  So I think I deserve to have these treasures in my DVD collection.

So, if you see me in a yarn store, say hello.  And just realize that I have to stand there and watch the SO drool over yarn.  Yeah, I know.  It's disgusting.  It's okay, I have ways to get back at her.


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  1. Yarn --- or shoes.
    I figure, give you 2 more weeks. The your DVD whore-like ways will break and you will buy at least a few more.
    Then we can spend a morning at the Yarn Shop and the afternoon in a shoe store! Yippie!!!