Thursday, February 5, 2009

"But it's got that guy from Superbad, and so does that one but a different guy..."

Sorry for not having a post yesterday, I was trying to keep up with my other blogs I'm writing, so I thought I could have one day off.  But I'm back, and it's that time of the week for me.  It's that time when I obviously haven't learned from my past mistakes and have dreams about future DVD purchases.  Yes I know, it's sad.  But when you're stuck in the middle of lab, and you don't want to necessarily be working on what you're working on, you try to think about positive, uplifting things.  For me, it's gotta be DVDs...

So yes, I'm a very sad person.  But let's stop talking about how my teams can't win it all and get on to the future purchases.  So if you couldn't tell from the title of the post, or you don't know what DVDs came out this week (or both), then I'll tell you.  For this week, two DVDs came out on Tuesday that have caught my eye.  The first is a no-brainer if you've read my earlier posts.  For I have this fascination for all things Freaks and Geeks, and that includes all the actors/actresses.  And just about anything with Seth Rogen gets my wallet opened wide like a ... well, you know what I mean.  No, not that!!

Zack and Miri Make a Porno stars Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks and follows the delightful tale of friends who need money desperately and decide that making a porno is the best way to get that cash.  Hilarity ensues when they get themselves into this line of work.  Now I haven't seen it, so you'll have to let me know if it's worth the purchase or if I should wait on it.  I already know what the SO will say, so if she leaves a comment, I'll just ignore it.

The other movie I'm seeking to purchase would be that movie with the other guy from Superbad, Michael Cera, a little movie called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.  It's weird, but ever since I fell in love with the TV show Arrested Development, I can't get enough of Cera.  Loved him in Juno.  Can't wait to see Year One with Cera and Jack Black.  I think it's because he represents all the geekiness that is contained within me.  Yeah, I'm that big of a dork.  Come on, I'm writing a blog about my DVD collection, how it's so big (stop with the sexual jokes) and how I'm trying to keep my SO from selling it all away (again, no sexual joke).  Now I have heard this movie is okay, not great.  But I love music and I make playlists for every situation.  Right now, I'm listening to M.I.A. just because it makes the day seem that much more awesomer (yeah, I can make up words, too).  And I'm a sap for romantic comedies, so if it's a 1) DVD with a 2) romantic comedic theme and is about 3) music and 4) playlists, (well, that adds up to 10... I'm just saying...) just call me a lemming and lead the way.

So how I can get this type of purchase past the SO will be a little hard, especially as she reads this blog (I have to remember to learn hypnotism, just so I can stop her from remembering this blog and the reason... well, reasons, for it).  And with the last DVD costing over $1800 dollars (read earlier posts, you'll understand), the price of DVDs probably has skyrocketed in a month's time.  If I base the total cost off of Amazon, then it should be $34 plus tax.  So I have to say not too bad for two brand new DVDs.  Now if I learn hypnotism to stop her from reading this blog, maybe I can do the same to get her to let me buy these movies... well, a guy can dream.  Later!

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