Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is purely coincidental...

So for this week's Future Purchases post, it looks like I gave it away without realizing it.  A couple posts ago, I talked about how sometimes I'm just drawn to super-duper deluxe editions of DVDs, and I mentioned this in the case of Batman: The Animated Series.  Well, it turns out I may have sealed my own fate with this slip of the tongue (well, I guess it's more a slip of the fingers, really.  Because I typed it all with my fingers, and I don't really see how I could do it with the tongue.  One moment, let me try... agevawser... okay, not a good idea.  Now everything tastes computery!)
If it weren't for Amazon, I wouldn't have this issue, but they do have great deals.  So this week, I'm really tempted about Amazon's deal for Batman: The Complete Animated Series.  I mean, come on, normally priced at $107.92, it's currently at $75.99!  A difference of $31.93.  That savings right there can get you a couple more DVDs to put on the shelf (I'm just saying).  Why is this collection worthy to be bought?  It's pretty simple really:

It's one of the most badass cartoons ever!  And that's just the opening!

Not to mention it portrayed Batman in a light we hadn't seen on television.  As much as I love the campiness (look up the word "campy" - you'll hesitate to use it again in a sentence) of the live-action series from the 1960s, we're talking about a guy who has to deal with his parents' deaths, and instead of just living quietly with the millions upon millions of dollars from his inheritance, he chose to follow in his parents' footsteps and help the inhabitants of Gotham City.  The animated series of the 1990s dug deep into the psyche of a troubled man.  And what we got was a well drawn and thoughtful cartoon that is probably the basis for my love of both the comics and the silver screen incarnations we've been inundated with for the past two decades (minus Kilmer and Clooney - those movies are even more campy than the '60s program).

In all honesty, it was at this time when the show began in 1992 that I started to really delve deep into comics, in general.  Both the Death and Return of Superman and the Knightfall of Batman were published near the start of Batman: The Animated Series.  For the next few years, comics were an important part of life, but as you grow up, comics are the first to go.  As I've read through those old comics and actually revived my interest in the genre (thank you, Watchmen!), the animated series has a special place in my heart and hopefully, one day (tear), a place in my DVD collection.  So as not to leave on a tearful note:


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