Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Well, what goes good with Ratzkywatzky?"

Well, what can you say at this point?  VDay morning, watched Ninotchka, VDay afternoon, played Guitar Hero World Tour. VDay evening?  How about a movie?

After all the possible decisions I could have done with my time away from the SO, I pulled something totally out of left field (What?  Thought I'd say out of my... you know, your posterior, your bum, your butt!  Well, not so much your butt as mine) and ended up renting GHWT, and I got hooked.  And I say hooked because when you play 3 hours straight and stop just because you're getting tired, that means you like it more than just like - that's right, I like like GHWT!

But what to do when you're tired from playing video games?  I could go for a walk, or read a book, or... dare I say it, watch a movie!  (Answer: Watching a movie.  Question: What will completely turn your brain into mush after 3 hours of GHWT?).  Obviously, I chose a movie, and since I wasn't in the mood for a thinking movie, I went with a movie that deals with partying, fooling around, impromptu marriage, unplanned pregnancy, and bigomy!  Of course I'm talking about The Miracle of Morgan's Creek.  Released in 1944, the movie tells of how a small town can be just as crazy as a big city.

In this small town of Morgan's Creek, the town constable's daughter, Trudy Kockenlocker (Betty Hutton) wants to go to a dance for the boys being shipped off to war, in this case, World War II.  Maybe you're heard of it.  Kind of a big deal, like Ron Burgundy big deal.

And we're back!  So Trudy tries to go, but her Dad won't let her.  Knowing Norval Jones (Eddie Bracken) would eat the SO's Mac & Cheese if she told him to (not a good idea!), Trudy gets Norval to take her "out to the movies" so she can party it up with the boys going to war and leaving Norval at the theater all night and morning.

We find out that during that night of partying and dancing that Trudy did a little more.  What's a little more?  Well, how about marrying a soldier under a false name and not remembering the soldier's name.  And the icing on the cake is she's pregnant!  Because it's a small town, word would get around real quick about her busy night.  Here comes Norval to the rescue, deciding to pretend to be the soldier (and deciding the soldier's name is Ignatz Ratzkywatzky - a very common name) so she and Trudy can get "married" and then get it annulled.

The only problem is that it would actually result in bigomy, which is a crime.  On top of that, Trudy is a minor, so Norval appears to be abducting her.  For Norval, it means getting busted by the justice of the peace, the county police, the federal investigator, AND the army!  The only way out is busting out of jail, but because Norval is too nice of a guy, it takes Trudy and her constable father to force him out, costing the constable his job.

Six months later, Norval comes back to town, ready to see Trudy.  Too bad he's caught again.  Somehow the pardon of all pardons happens for him, allowing him to see Trudy... in the hospital!  The baby is ready to pop out, only it's not one baby - it's SIX!  Because of this, Mussolini resigns, Hitler demands a recount, and the U.S. is ready to kick some evil axis butt!  In the end, Norval and Trudy end up together, although six kids seems to knock the wind out of Norval.  You really can't blame him, he's not even the father, because it's a miracle!

The movie is hilarious, a comedic gem.  It really keeps your attention, mostly because of the ridiculousness as the movie reel turns.  When a movie is able to keep you on the edge of your seat, especially a comedy with a mystery, you know it's good.  I'm not sure I feel like purchasing it, but if it were to miraculously appear at my doorstep, I wouldn't complain.

So this weekend was void of a movie from my DVD collection, but that can only mean two movies next weekend!  Although I still have a dozen or so still on the DVR, along with a rental, so I'm pretty sure I'm dead like Luca Brasi (at least in the eyes of the SO).  Well, here's ending on a high note!


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