Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Blu-Ray edition of Pretty Woman? Really?!?

Well, this is turning out to be a good week for future purchases... mostly because there's nothing, really, that stands out, as far as new releases.  That's not to say I won't have something to say in this week's Future Purchases post (later this week), but I thought I would look to see what Amazon has for new releases.

Nights in Rodanthe? Bridges of Madison County for 2008.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama on CNN?  Recency effect.

Amadeus on Blu-Ray?  Would interest me, if I had a Blu-ray... but I digress.  Would love the music in surround sound quality, but the picture in high-def does nothing for me.

Dragon Ball Z: Eighth Season? If I was 12.

W.?  Bombed at the box office just like the subject material did in the White House.  It's your own fault, Oliver Stone.  You chose a lame subject for a movie, AND during his actual presidency?  Crazier than Margot Kidder (Yes I re-used a Family Guy joke, but that show used this joke in two different seasons:

I'm not saying the FG writers are getting lazy, but they should have at least thought of a different movie/television reference the second time around!)

And to top it all off, Pretty Woman on Blu-Ray?  Give me one good reason I need to see Julia Roberts topless in high definition.  Because I can counter it with having to see Richard Gere.  I mean, the guy has not done a good movie in a long time.  This might have been his last one, and this is a stretch for a good performance from him.  Even in An Officer and a Gentleman, it was Lou Gossett, Jr. who gave an award-winning performance.  If you can give me a good movie where Gere gave a decent performance in since Pretty Woman, I'm all ears (well, not literally).

Tomorrow I should have more to say as I'll try and post what I would really like to buy but really shouldn't (because that would give the SO more money power for buying yarn/shoes - I know, who wants to buy shoes?) I leave you with this:

What?  With warm temps here, I always get in a golfing mood (hmm, I could use some putting practice...).  Later!

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