Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, there's your problem!

So after all that was written yesterday, the SO gave me a proposition to the Batman conundrum.  If you remember, I had this yearning for Batman (1989) and Amazon conveniently had it for sale again (it was re-issued or Warner Bros. was dumping the rest of their lot, that's my guess).  Now here is my logic for why I was able to break the need to buy the movie.

1. The new Batman series is really good.
2. When I really started to think about the movie from 1989, I remember it being really cheesy, almost to the level of campy.  It's more about Jack Nicholson playing the Joker and not so much about the movie, as it wasn't of the best quality (i.e. it seems dated and not in a particular good way).

And the most important reason...

3. I think they're selling these off because they're going to issue a Blu-ray version sometime soon!  Forget what I said in reasons 1 and 2 - it's bound that they're going to release it soon.  They already are selling the Import version on Amazon.  Who's to say it won't be that we'll get it here soon enough, and by that time, I can somehow convince the SO to get a Blu-ray player!

Okay, it could have also been because of what the SO said last night about the potential purchase.  That if I bought the DVD of Batman (1989), the money value would not go to her yarn/shoe fund.  Instead I would have to go out and get a tape recorder to record all the times Kim Basinger screams so she can play it back to me anytime I feel like buying another DVD or while we're in the yarn/shoe store.  I know, she's so mean, trying to do that whole psychological thing on me.  It's absurd!  I won't stand for it!  I, well, actually, it would work if I had actually ended up buying the DVD.  Basinger's screaming is loud, obnoxious, and occurs way too many times in the film.  It's worse than Bat-nipples!

Now that I've talked myself out of this purchase, I'm on to why buying the complete animated series of Batman is/isn't important...

1. It's only $75.99 on Amazon!
2. It was an important part of my childhood, and I don't think I watched all of the episodes, so this is a way to see them all at $19 per season.
3. Did I mention it's only $75.99 on Amazon?

I know, I'm bad, but it just sounds like too good of a deal, so why am I hesitating to hit the "Place your order" button?

The SO is in my head again, and I can't get her out, that's why!  Thankfully I wouldn't have to get a tape recorder (Those things are expensive - $30!  I mean, come on, it's a freakin' TAPE recorder!  They should be giving them away!), but the money would go to her fund.  And we should save up for moving to a new apartment this summer.  And, I guess, saving up for a future together.  But aren't we supposed to live in the now, because we have no idea if tomorrow's going to come?

I'm going to take the weekend to not think about it, and then on Monday, if I still feel the same when I come back to this issue, I'll go ahead with the purchase.  If I change my mind (the SO would say I'm coming to my senses, finally)  then I will not have made the hasty purchase that would have occurred today.  With that in mind, enjoy this (we can get into why the WB needs to follow the Disney model for classic cartoons on DVD in another post)!  Later! 

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