Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ha! I was right and you were... well, not right!

Don't you feel good when you're able to make your point to the SO and he/she can't say anything to prove you wrong?  Yeah, I felt like a million bucks last night.  Let me set the scene...

Imagine, if you will, a typical night.  The SO and you have just had dinner, you've been watching a couple things on the DVR, the SO just finished zooming through American Idol (again, thank God for DVR - if I had to hear that awful singing or Paula give a full opinion, I might have to take the gun to my head... and leave the cannoli).  But it's still early to go to bed, but the DVR only has movies (from TCM'S 31 Days!!!).  Even with 5 bajillion channels, there's nothing really new on that has me going for the remote.

So, you stumble upon "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" on TNT.  You don't think to much of it because you've been watching the series since its beginnings on Cartoon Network.  But for some reason you're intrigued.  Why?  Because you have HD!  Now, mind you, you don't actually own an HDTV.  You actually have an antique, one with the cathode ray tube (I know, I'm embarrassed just writing this - but it is 36"... and weighs 200 pounds!).  Somehow, the force is pulling your fingers towards the remote to try a little bit of the dark side, watching a show you've already watched and hasn't even finished its season on the other network.

Suddenly, your world explodes, your eyes have seen the light!  The detail in this cartoon is amazing!  You can see every little dimple in General Grievous's face-plate.  Even though it's not really HD, you can tell the difference between the non-HD and HD versions.  So you flip back and forth between the two versions, and you tell the SO your discovery.  This is when it gets ugly...

You have the SO watch as you flip between TNT and TNTHD.  She's a little bit away from the TV, but no matter, you know there's a difference even if you were a mile away!  She doesn't get it and doesn't believe you.  She doesn't WANT to believe.  Why?  Because then there's no denying the full power of the dark side... a 60" LCD 1080p!  You know what I'm talking about and it's making you drool, too.  Long have I dreamed of watching Star Wars in HD, and even though this is just a cartoon of the Clone Wars, it will be the closest I may get to Star Wars in HD (until the original trilogy comes out on Blu-Ray!).

But back to the part where I'm right and she's... not right (never tell the SO she's wr... wr... see?  I can't even write it because I know she'll do awful things to me, too awful to mention here... things like never letting me have a 60" LCD 1080p!  HUGE Tear!)

So you sit the SO close to the ol' 36" and you flip back and forth to show her your latest and greatest discovery (come on, my last latest and greatest discovery was combining plain no-fat yogurt with Jell-o pudding powder to make my own Oreo mousse... what?  A DVD whore can't watch his figure?).

And there's silence - long, glorious, earth-shattering silence!  Because you can see the smirk on her lips, you know you're no longer crazy, you're motherf'ng RIGHT!  Yes, folks, I proved the SO I was right.  There IS a difference between the cartoon on TNT and TNTHD.  And because of that fact (that's right, it's a fact... just like it's a fact that I'm right... for now, anyways), I might have to re-watch the show in HD just to really appreciate it.  As much as the film was panned, even by the likes of Harry Knowles, the cartoon has been a pleasant surprise for my television viewing.  Maybe because I long for anything that's new in the world of Star Wars, but I really hate to miss one episode.  Now the Holiday Special is another thing...

So, to recap, last night I was finally vindicated as being right, and at this very moment, I know the SO is trying to think of ways to get revenge.  Tomorrow I shall have a new Future Purchases post, and an update on the decision I made on Batman: The Complete Animated Series.  Until then, I leave you with this.  Later!

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