Monday, March 30, 2009

"I'm going out to get some popcorn and pink lemonade. I've just seen a three-ring circus"

So this weekend I couldn't get a break from the action of March Madness to get the SO to choose a DVD to watch.  But I did the next best thing:  movies on the DVR.  And this weekend I went with something that is tried and true.  I went with a comedy...starring Cary Grant...need I say more?  That right there tells me it's a winner, and of course I went with the first movie in which Grant shows off his comedic abilities with The Awful Truth.

If you haven't seen this film, it's pretty simple.  Husband comes homes after not being in Florida, wife comes home with singing teacher.  Husband gets jealous, they get a divorce and hilarity ensues.  Wife, Lucy Warriner (Irene Dunne), moves in with her aunt and becomes engaged to an Oklahoman visiting his mother in the big city (I believe New York, but don't quote me on that).  Husband, Jerry Warriner (Grant), still waiting for the divorce to be finalized, finds ways to mess up this new engagement.  The spin? Lucy and Jerry still love each other but don't know each other loves the other!  (Wow, there's some bad grammar for you... thank you, public high school out in the corn fields!)

For some reason, there's just something about Grant.  His good lucks, his voice, his charm, his comedic timing.  You're not really thinking someone like him is going to have the comedic presence, but he pulls it off, each and every time I watch one of his films.  And with this being the first of his films with his slapstick comedic style, I was blown away by how good he was even at the beginning.  And you know what this means?

Yep, I have to buy it now.  Somehow this Monday Review post has turned into a Future Purchases post.  And if I remember correctly, Borders had it as 30% off last week, which means that's not the case now.  So I missed the boat on that one.  But at worst case it's $15 bucks.  I can handle that, but I think I'll wait until I get another sweet coupon in an e-mail.

Don't know what the SO thought of it as she didn't watch it.  Not sure she would have appreciated it, especially since it's a classic and she doesn't do well with that kind of movie.  It's okay, she can watch it with me when we get the DVD!  Oh, how I can feel the flames from her angry eyes right now...


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