Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best Buy, you finally paid off!

Is there anything better than free money?  Okay, I guess it's not really free if you have to spend money to get it, but that's beside the point.  The point is... what was my point?

Oh yeah, so in the mail yesterday was a letter from Best Buy with a $5 gift certificate because I spend more money than our government on useless things (for me, it's DVDs, for the government, take your pick).  Which means... yes, that's five dollars that doesn't go against me in the DVD/Yarn and Shoes tug-of-war.  

Better news.  Because I took piano lessons when I was young, I qualify for an auditory study that pays $20 to sleep.  I know, that's freakin' awesome.  What's more awesome is that with the $5 gift certificate and the $20 from this study, that will cover the cost of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.  I know, awesome!

So, if I do the math right, I'm currently $8 in the positive, $5 that doesn't count against me, $20 that goes against me, that leads to... $12 in the negative!  I'd have to say that counts as a small victory.  Even in these hard economic times, this may turn out to be a quality purchase.  And it doesn't leave much for the SO to spend on her yarn and/or shoes... another small victory!  I'm so happy I could...

Or possibly...


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