Saturday, April 4, 2009

NOW we have a fund cap!

It finally happened, a purchase which raised the issue with how to manage the DVD-Yarn/Shoe Fund.  And again, I can blame Borders for it all...

So on Thursday, I received an e-mail (I should probably just unsubscribe to the mailing list) from Borders that said select DVD titles were going to be 40% off regular price Friday through Sunday.  You know what that means:

" you think we can go to Borders Friday night?"

And then, the look.

But the difference in this look is that the SO knows she can get more yarn this way.  So she agreed.  I wasn't looking for anything pricey this time around.  Just a week ago, I had used a 40% off coupon to buy The Public Enemy for 12 bucks, so I was looking for something I really wished to have, that I couldn't find at Best Buy (i.e. any classic movie), that wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg.

Of course, I had a few in mind.  The first being Amadeus, but it wasn't a "selected" title.  They didn't have The Awful Truth (oh, Cary Grant...).  Super Troopers can easily be bought at Best Buy, so I didn't want to waste this opportunity.  That didn't leave much, but oh...

What's this?

Can it be?

What is THIS doing in the bargain counter?
Finally, a purchase worthy of 40% off its regular price.  I'm talking about The Chaplin Collection: Volume One.  I know!  How was this still available?  I don't know.  About a month ago, I had seen it at the top of the shelves in the comedy DVD section.  Last week, I didn't see it, so I thought it had been purchased by some evil person who didn't want me to enjoy some silent movie action.  But for some strange reason, it was still here.  And it was "tagged" (with red tape), meaning it counted for 40% off!!!

So originally, the price of the collection was $76.99.  So 40% of that price is $30.80, meaning the final price was $46.19!  Totally worth it.  But this led down to a dark, dirty road known as the "Fund Cap"...

Originally, the SO and I had agreed that however much I spent on DVDs, she could spend that amount on yarn and/or shoes.  But with this purchase, the SO put her foot down and said that there had to be a limit to my happiness.  Meaning that this could easily get out of hand, and what would really be the purpose of this fund if one person could still spend hundreds on their vice, when this was meant to curb that spending?  The current cap is set at $75, but it may be brought down slowly until it reaches a $50 limit, total.  I know, bummer, but I just need to get the SO to buy more yarn/shoes (which I hate, but if there's a DVD I really want...).


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