Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How can Target not have Andy Richter Controls the Universe?

I will never forgive myself if this had actually happened.  I almost missed out on the opportunity to buy Andy Ricther Controls the Universe this week!  I know!  But it gets better, as you can tell from the title of this post that not every place had it available.  But let's start from the beginning...

So it's Tuesday afternoon, and I'm all excited about today.  One, I have an auditory experiment that banks 20 bucks (score!) and two, ARCtU comes out on DVD (SCORE!).  The auditory experiment has to do with piano lessons before the age of 10 meant my brain got all kinds of screwed up (the good kind of screwed up) and so they want to see how my brain responds to different sounds.  Pretty simple, really.  Sit in a chair, hook up some electrodes to my head, put something in my right ear that has the sounds, and I get to doze for an hour.  Simple, right?  Wrong!

The experiment was to start around 5pm.  I had done a couple experiments in the summer, so I knew what was up with how it was going to go down.  But it was to be done in a different room, so I wasn't sure where it was, so I waited in the waiting room until someone would get me.  After 15 minutes, I finally was called back.  Too bad the grad student didn't have me send her the exact same paperwork I filled out over the summer!  That took at least 10 minutes.  And by the time I was done, it was 7:30!.  Mind you, I told the SO that I would be done by 6:30.  Yeah, it doesn't get any better from here.

I get back to my lab to notice the time and I call the SO.  From the instant messages on my computer, she was leaving right then and there, so I had seconds to catch her.  She "kindly" picked me up, but I didn't think it was the best time to go to Best Buy to get the DVD.  Instead, in a cruel game made up by the DVD gods, the SO needed to find her doctor's office (which had just recently moved).  The SO needed to get this sinus infection diagnosed and taken care of because she was not getting any better.  So we drive to the new office, which is 1000 feet from Best Buy!  I was in no mood to deal with the SO's mood if we went so I decided to wait until Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon, the SO goes to the doctor, and I decide to tag along so I can sneakily get the DVD.  I thought the doctor's visit would be quick... over 1 hour!  Actual doctor time: roughly 5 minutes.  Waiting time: 1 hour!  But we needed some things from Target (mainly facial tissues for the SO) so we went there to pick up what we needed.  The SO wanted to get Disney's Bolt (I know, a total rip-off of Toy Story, but when has Disney come up with its own original idea?) so I begrudingly picked it up in Target's DVD Land (kinda like DisneyLand, except without the stupid costumes and infinite queues).  I get to the television DVD section and it's not there.  ARCtU is NOT THERE!  Who in their f'ing mind would not stock ARCtU on the shelves?  I was in a panic.  So we had to go to Best Buy, which is not on the way home from Target, so yes, we had to drive all the way back out there near the doctor's office to get to Best Buy.  But the joke doesn't end there.

We park in front of Best Buy, the SO not wanting to deal with my DVD whorish ways goes into Barnes and Noble while I search the shelves of Best Buy for ARCtU.  I get to the television DVD section... and there's only one copy!  Oh, glory be, thank God that I got there to get the last copy.  If they were all gone, I might have had a coronary right there on that spot.  Suffice it to say, I bought it for $30, thanks to my $5 gift certificate.

Happy ending, right?  Nope.  For two reasons.  One: the music is not the same as the studios couldn't secure the music rights for the DVD, meaning we get some generic disco beat for "The Hustle."  Two, one of my good friends went to Best Buy and bought it for $27 because Best Buy still honors lowest competitor's price (Wally World was that competitor- oh, how I hate them!).

But in the end, I have two new DVDs and I can finally realize the dream of owning ARCtU with 5 episodes that never aired... I can't lose!  Later!

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