Friday, March 27, 2009

Borders, why do you put me through this?

Two purchases in one week?  Is that even possible?

As you've read in my earlier post, I was finally able to realize my dream of owning Andy Richter Controls the Universe on DVD.  But the DVD purchases didn't end there (Yeah, I bought Bolt, but because the SO wanted it, it is neither one of my purchases nor does it count against me in the DVD/Yarns and Shoe War I have with her).

We begin Thursday morning.  Just checking my e-mails when I stumble upon the usual garbage known as a Borders coupon e-mail.  Usually these contain coupons for 15 or 20 percent off an item.  I almost got duped by the 40% off one DVD box set a couple weeks back.  But I held out.  This e-mail's coupon, though, was too good not to use...

40% off any item, regardless of price!

Hallelujah, the DVD gods have been good to me for all the pains I've taken this week!

So what could I possibly use this on?  And how could I get the SO to allow this?  Ah, that is the key, for we both receive Borders e-mails, meaning she had a 40% off coupon as well.  Therefore, she would make a purchase as well.  Not a DVD purchase, but we'll forgive her for that.  Maybe.

Indeed, the obvious choice was the choice I almost made a couple weeks back with the earlier coupon: Amadeus.  Yes I have it on VHS, but this is Amadeus: Director's Cut.  With 5.1 Digital Surround Sound.  The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart swarming all around me was so enticing, but was it worthy of such a coupon?  Was any movie able to garner my attention for such a priceless coupon (well, not really priceless, but it does mean less money I've spent on DVDs, which is a good thing... well, a good thing in that it means more money to spend on other DVDs!)

But then it dawned on me.  What was one of my future purchases that I really wanted?  That's right, White Heat.  Well, Borders didn't have it, but they did have The Public Enemy, another James Cagney movie and one that was an integral part of my gangster movie collection.  So sorry Wolfgang, I promise you one day you will be a part of my collection... in Blu-Ray!  Think about it, 7.1 Digital Surround Sound!  

So at the end of the day, $12 spent for one DVD.  This puts me in the red for the Fund, $5 to be exact.  I have to hold off now, unless I want to allow more money to be spent on yarn/shoes.  But I can't do that, so I'll just remain content with what I have... until my eye catches the next prize!  Later!

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