Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's wrong with bro-mance?

If I had tons of extraneous cash lying around, I'd probably go to the movies this weekend (somewhere between the NCAA March Madness games - a guy has priorities).  And one movie that has intrigued me since I saw the trailer months ago is I Love You, Man.  A tale of a guy (Paul Rudd) who needs a best man for his wedding but has no guy friends.  I'm assuming the hilarity ensues when he tries to find that guy friend, who finds that guy friend in an investor (Jason Segel).  The twist is how this relationship takes over the relationship Rudd has with his fiancee, so he must learn to balance between the two.

This hits close to home.  No, I have plenty of guy friends (although they're all more than an hour away... tear).  And I get to see my best bud every couple of weeks or so, especially since I'm in his wedding this summer.  But that's the whole thing, he's getting married.  Does that change things between us?  My boy and his fiancee have been together since I've been with the SO, so I've always felt that I can be myself around him even with the introduction of the SO in my life.  It's almost like J.D. and Turk...

Where was I?  Oh yeah, my boy and me.  How do you balance between the two best friends in your life, the guy who's been there since day 1 in college and the girl who knows you better than you know yourself?  I guess that's the part of growing up I never really thought about.  So I can have the SO AND the bro-mance (although Rudd and Segel hate the word, it's kinda catchy).  One of my other boys even asked when my BF and I were going to go on our bro-date to see the movie.  Hardi-har-har.

Of course I want to see it, but I'll wait until it's out on DVD.  Just something about that Freaks and Geeks cast.  Now there are exceptions (not too sure about Observe and Report... that might be a "wait until cable").  But I have a good feeling about I Love You, Man.  And hopefully, there will be no Segel man-part showing in this film like in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Loved that film, but don't need to see his... you know.  Not necessary, although his cereal bowl was awesome (and I mean a cereal bowl, so don't get any ideas what slang it is - it's not slang, his bowl was huge!).

So if you go see the film this weekend, think of me and my boy, J.D. and Turk, and all the other bro-mances out there that show two guys can be best buds even when their lives are changing around them.  Later!

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