Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Really?!? Part Deux

You may remember from the earlier post, "Really?!?", that I described how I stumbled upon a $500 copy of Pineapple Express.  You remember, the SO and I went out on a slighty icy Saturday, I tricked her into going to Best Buy to get the DVD, then we went to the grocery store where the idiot (sorry, dumbass) ran into my SO's car, then left while we were in the grocery store.  And I had a picture of the dent and how I went off on how people need to be more responsible...

Well, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!!

Why did I use this quote?  Because finally my SO's insurance (rhymes with My-Ko) decided to do something about fixing the car's door, after it went from the Indianapolis branch to the South Bend branch and finally to the Chicago branch.  Yeah, for some reason the insurance company has a new system put in, and the Midwest is the last to receive this updated system.  So yeah, it's been 2+ weeks for them to finally do something about it.  The liason who's been helping the SO has been really nice and should receive rave reviews from her.  As far as the Indy branch...

Yeah, that bad of a review.  But back to why I'm giving you part 2 of this story.  The price tag for all of this?  $1800+!!!  Now I know why the A-hole left.  And you can see where this is going.  That's right...

My $500 copy of Pinapple Express is now worth $1800!  I told you it might be a good idea to buy my copy before the price skyrockets.  But now it's going to cost you $1800.  If you act in the next 10 minutes, I'll throw in the dented door FOR FREE!!  You can't get any better than this, a used door that has character.  People will buy this stuff up, so don't be the follower, be the leader.  Finally, I'll also throw in this: 

Nah, not really.  I just wanted to show this because it's disturbing to think about the Sham-Wow guy and his nuts.  Did someone in the production crew really think we wouldn't catch onto this?  Amazing, really.  Anywho, I think I really need to watch Pineapple Express because it has become my most expensive DVD ever and probably will be for eternity (knock on wood...).  Later!

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