Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"It's a bit nutty..."

Alright, so here's the scoop, literally, on what happened yesterday that led to such a short review post for this past weekend's movie.  You probably won't believe me, especially since I don't have pictures, but trust me (and my SO) that it happened.  It was almost like how a horror movie starts out...

So the SO and I yesterday morning were getting ready to shower and dress for lab/class, etc. and she had somehow brought up how I can't buy and/or eat any peanut butter because of the whole salmonella thing, and of course her stomach growls as if an alien were ready to pop out of her.  

Little did we know that another type of horror movie scene cliche was about to occur.  The SO had to use the little bathroom but couldn't because the toilet was clogged (guilty!), so I took it upon myself to unclog it with a plunger.  I started "plunging" but it wouldn't unclog.  Usually the toilet unclogs rather easily, but I thought it was a doozy of a clog.  After five flushes, it still wasn't clear.  After that moment, the horror began...
So not quite that scary (although the SO is half-Asian...)

Actually, while I was in the little bathroom, I could hear the SO scream in the shower in the main bathroom.  I had a funny feeling it had something to do with my clog.  When I got in there, there was water under the toilet and some dark gunk in the shower.  Luckily the SO wasn't hit by the gunk.  She told me that she had heard a gurgling from the toilet and noticed water around the base and tried to call me but I didn't hear her.  Because she was near the back of the shower, the gunk spewing out didn't hit her.

I quickly called maintenance for our apartment and they came shortly.  When they showed up, I told them both bathrooms had issues.  When I went back to the little bathroom, the entire floor of the tub was covered in a brown gunk (I'm sure you can think of what that might be...yeah).  They started working on the pipes behind our apartment, and the SO and I decided to go to lab/class...without taking a shower.  I felt so dirty throughout the day, but what could I do?  I was glad when I called the apartment office in the afternoon that the problem was resolved, and the issue was someone was putting PAPER TOWEL DOWN THE TOILET!  WTF!!!  Who does that?  Seriously, we've received e-mails about this before, but someone hasn't learned or can't spend the time reading and knowing not to throw stuff down the toilet that isn't
 human waste or toilet paper.  Sheesh!

The SO and I were dreading going back to the apartment to clean both bathrooms.  The mix of Febreze and poo awaited us...

When we got home, I slowly went to the little bathroom to notice the mess was gone!  The maintenance crew had cleaned it up!  We still scrubbed the toilets, tubs, and floors, but we have to give a HUGE shout-out to those guys.  After having such clean bathrooms, we finally could take a shower and feel clean, and out little adventure came full circle before bed.  We have a board game called "Would you rather? Sick, Twisted and Wrong Version" and we like to just read the questions.  One of the questions we read last night asked us if we would rather eat a goop of hair from the shower drain or bugs off a monkey's butt.  Based off of our shower drain, I would gladly eat bugs off a monkey's butt.  I think it would be more sanitary!

So the apartment is clean and appears to be smell-free, but this morning I could notice the slight stench in the hallways.  So thank you, member(s) of the apartment building, whether male or female, who did this.  Without you, we wouldn't have experienced a fountain of waste Monday morning.  For you, I have this:
The only thing worst than a bunny's butt is his disapproving face, so don't make me use that look ever...it's scary!  Anywho, that's the story, and I can't say it's the way I wanted the week to start, but the week can only get better from here, right?  I hope...Later!

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