Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's create some chaos, shall we?

"So there I was..."

"Funny story..."

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you..."

Any of those would do for this past weekend "Infinite Things That Could Go Wrong and Will Go Wrong Game Show."  But I digress...

So let's start with the happy bits, since that's where the story begins Friday evening.  I had chosen three possible movies to start this blog off right.  There were three obvious choices.  The first had to be Star Wars (none of this Episode IV: A New Hope stuff, it's Star Wars, plain and simple.  If you have a problem with that, go take it up with the other millions of fans who totally agree with me, am I right?).  The movie has everything: action, drama, suspense, and a little sister-on-brother action.  How can that fail as my first choice?  

Well, the second obvious choice would be the very first DVD I ever bought.  That, of course, would have to be The Matrix (before it got downright stupid with the whole "Neo as the Messiah" complex).  Because it was the first DVD purchased, shouldn't it have the right to be the foundation for what this blog stands for (what does this blog stand for?  Oh...right, the whole "don't want my SO to sell any - and I mean ANY - of my DVDs" thing).

The third choice would have to be the dark horse of the bunch.  A movie that simply catapulted to the top of my fave movie list of all-time.  Something with a little kick to humanity, The Dark Knight.  Now, I know, it could be the recency effect, it could be because I bought the DVD  a month ago and have been DYING to watch it again (although it's just not the same without my own personal IMAX screen).

After much deliberation, I finally chose a movie that stood for truth, justice, and...

I chose The Dark Knight.  Was there another choice?

Amazingly enough, the SO watched it (even with her fear of clowns).  And when I mean watch it, I mean she watched the parts without the Joker or his clown-faced henchmen.  Yeah, I know.  After the movie, she said it was okay but felt it wasn't what everyone had talked about.  Really?  Really?!?

Without Joker, it's like watching only the black-and-white parts of The Wizard of Oz.  Of course you're going to say that.  The movie should have been called The Joker steals the movie from Batman again because Batman has no personality and needs to take the Joker's medicine once in a while, just to loosen up a bit.  Who has the nerve to say this movie isn't great, especially when you miss the best parts of the movie?  The whole thing had to do with Joker making us feel very uncomfortable (especially with the soundtrack to match the intensity) in every single one of his scenes, because we have no idea if he's going to go bat-shit crazy on the screen, no pun intended (okay, a little intended).

In my review, I simply loved how the entire movie is laid out in front of us, before we actually get to some of the scenes.  So many clues that foretell what will happen, if you pay attention and know how movies go.  The best scenes are with the Joker, and I have to say the music played with the Joker just made it that much more creepy, that much more scary, and I loved it.  I've now seen the movie 3 times, and yet I still feel like the Joker could do something different.  He's that unpredictable.  Thank you, Heath Ledger.  We finally got to see what could truly be done with a character who doesn't care one iota about humanity and just wants to see it cave in on itself (If interested in understanding where Ledger got his inspiration, read The Killing Joke).

I give it two Agents of Chaos (out of five, that's how crazy the movie is).  For my action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/thriller movies.  I'll give out Agents of Chaos, based on a five-point scale (yeah, I make up the rules as I go along - it's the Joker in me).

In my next post right after this, I'll dive into why it was the weekend from Hell...

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