Thursday, January 29, 2009

31 days of AWESOME!

So I just got the schedule for TCM's "31 Days of Oscars," where they show movies that received Academy Award nominations.  "Why is this awesome", you say?  "And shouldn't you be watching all of your DVDs first?"  Hell, no.  And I'll tell you why.

A little thing called the AFI (American Film Institute) come out with lists every year since 1998 highlighting some of the best films and actors in American film history.  I've been trying to complete two of the lists.  The first is the 100 greatest films of all time (1998 version).  The other is the 100 greatest comedies of all time (2000).  I started out with films I could rent from the library (and there are a lot!).  But I haven't been able to really dedicate my time to fulfilling these lists since graduate school.  Yeah, so five years have gone by and I'm not much closer than I was before.

But that will change with what TCM is doing.  I know they have had this before on the cable network, but this year I have the viewing list and I have DVR and the world is good...

So in the next month or so, there will be 11 movies from the greatest films list and 8 from the comedies list (of these, the only repeat for both lists is The Apartment).  So that means 18 movies, 18 times to hear the SO complain that we're watching another movie.  And I like it!  The DVR will definitely get a good workout, and my reviewing skills should get some practice, too.

What?  You thought I'd only review the movies from my DVD list?  Well, I thought about it, and since these are movies, and I'm trying to work on my mad skills as a writer and a film critic, I should at least critique these movies that Oscar decided were worthy of accolades.  So in the next week, you'll be getting a lot more of me.  And a lot more stories about the SO.  Should be a good time.  Later!

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