Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Don't give me that look!"

That's what I say each and every time to my girlfriend (SO) as I go into a store and buy a DVD.

Okay, so I never buy just one DVD, but who can blame me?  Have you seen what's out there for our viewing pleasure?  Action, comedy, drama, sports, television (and yes, a few choice documentaries) - there's a whole world out there that I haven't experienced because I don't own the greatest classic and contemporary movies and television shows that have kept us in tears or stitches for generations.

Movies allow us to step out of reality and enjoy a whole new world, one that is thought-provoking, funny, sad, and hopefully helps us realize how lucky we are.  Now all movies are not created equal (Beverly Hills Chihuahua?  Really?!?) and that's why those movies lucky enough to be in my collection should be honored to be there.  Because there are so many DVDs that should be standard in my collection, I currently am in possession of 370 features.  I say features because it's not just movies but also television shows and sporting events.  Even as I write, I can feel the stare from the SO just burning down on me because I have so many.

And that's why I have started this blog.  In this day and age of materialism and recession, I need to hold back my urge to buy DVDs (especially because Blu-ray DVDs will be the next logical step for my purchases...once I own a Blu-ray DVD player...minor detail).  Because I want to quell that urge (because I'm running out of room to house the DVDs) and to show to my SO that I watch them and really need them, I will be using this blog in two ways.  One, I will be using this blog to select a DVD a week to watch, review, and give a little anecdotal story to its relevance in my life.  And two, I will preview a DVD  a week that I really want to own but probably should hold off until I have enough funds to purchase it.

In a nutshell (Help! I'm in a nutshell...yes, movie dialogue will randomly appear in my posts...sorry in advance for my movie geekiness), this is my way of handling my so-called addiction to DVDs (or at least that's what the SO calls it).  I want to preserve, in a way, my love for my DVDs and why I need them.  So, anywho, in the next post, I'll provide pictures of my collection, and then start with my reviews and previews.  Let the blog...begin!!!

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