Thursday, April 23, 2009

"You crapped on my heart."

That's how I felt after the SO told me she didn't "feel it" with this movie.  How can you not feel it with a movie about Vermont highway cops just trying to keep their jobs by screwing with everything and everyone they meet?  That's right, I'm talking about Super Troopers.

Pretty simple plot, really.  So this will be a short post, which is a shame.  For this movie has so much comedy oozing from it, you might need to get it checked out.  So, here's the plot.  Vermont is going through a bit of an economic crunch (sound familiar to the current state of our economy, hmm?).  Well, the governor of Vermont is closing some branches of the police force, and one of them might be this rag-tag bunch of Vermont state troopers.  They seem to find any way possible to have fun on and off the job.  Wonder if there was a huge increase in applications for the department back in 2001...

Well, anywho, they also like to pull pranks on the local police force of Spurbury, and of course the pranks go back and forth.  So you know someone will have to win in the end (hint: not Spurbury).  Both departments investigate a huge drug smuggling operation occurring in their area, but things aren't adding up correctly.  The state troopers stumble (literally stumble, because they are drunk... yeah, anything can happen with this police force) onto the shenanigans (hehe) of the real culprit and appear to save the day... until they get shut down.  What will they do?  Of course, because it's a comedy, they have to end up on top.  End of movie.

What you don't get out of this review is the hilarity that ensues from the Broken Lizard comedy group, who have been a part of other hits like Dukes of Hazzard and Beerfest.  This is still their best work, because it seems very fresh and new.  Clearly a cult favorite, this movie is probably continuously being played on college campuses around the nation.  What is key is keeping track of the pranks that are being pulled and who's getting the raw (sugar) end of the deal because that is what keeps the movie hilarious.  A few gross-out points, which I think totally shocked the SO, who was waiting for a movie that would have tons of quotable lines.  Sorry that this isn't Van Wilder or Anchorman.  It's all about boys being boys, even when they're grown men.

So although I don't own it, it could potentially end up in a Future Purchases post (wink wink), but for now, I was satisfied from the DVR recording.  May not be everyone's taste, but it does leave you wanting more... and by more, it definitely could fit into this green week of reviews, if you know what I mean... I mean pot, and not the kind you put plants in.  Later!

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