Wednesday, August 26, 2009

St. Elmo's Fire and the NFL - Who knew they had similarities?

Because of the (lack of) success for the movie Post Grad, which earned just $2.8 million this past weekend, it had me thinking about the road lying ahead for this year's crop of rookies in the NFL. Who's going to be the immediate star? Who's going to fall off the map? Who's going to surprise us late in the season with veteran prowess at such a young age? So it had me thinking about another post-grad film, St. Elmo's Fire (kinda like a follow-up to those great coming-of-age films by the late John Hughes). In it we have a group of friends who have just graduated from Georgetown University and have to learn to live life after college and become adults in in ever-changing world. Much like the new batch of rookies in the NFL.

But I had to take it one step further. Why not also compare the characters of the film with some of the NFL franchises? In a way, teams graduate after each season, learning to cope with the loss of free agents and retirees, and at the same time build off the success (or lack thereof) from the previous season. With all of this in mind, I give you the St. Elmo's Fire character and their parallels, in terms of NFL rookies and franchises.

Billy Hicks - Michael Crabtree, WR SF - Cleveland Browns
The "frat boy" of the group, Billy is unable to keep a job but has a great talent at saxophone. He also misses the ol' college days. Crabtree doesn't have a job at this moment as he remains unsigned. I'm guessing he wishes he could go back to the ol' college days because I don't know if the 49ers will budge in contract negotiations. The Browns don't have a team, per se, but they have loads of talent (Quinn, Anderson, Lewis, Edwards). Sadly, they probably miss the days back in the 1980s, when St. Elmo's Fire was first released.

Leslie Hunter - Knowshon Moreno, RB DEN - Buffalo Bills
A romantic, Leslie is an architect who wishes to find herself before settling down to marry and have a family. She wants to make sure she doesn't lose her sense of self later in married life. Moreno has been a name mentioned on every possible sports medium as a great potential at running back, but in a system like the Broncos, he could get lost in the mix. With a plethora of RBs around him and a preseason injury, Moreno will need to show he's the number one choice for Denver. The Buffalo Bills want to try the T.O experiment to find out if they have what it takes to compete in the AFC (East). But with T.O., they may lose their team identiy, not to mention the season if it all gets out of control.

Kevin Dolenz - Jason Smith, OT STL - Detroit Lions
A writer with a sullen streak, Kevin is trying to find his meaning of life and is working hard to write an article about it. Smith knows all about being down and out. On a perennial loser like Baylor in college, Smith will try to beef up the offensive line for the Rams, and he'll be working hard for a team with another tough season ahead. The Lions are the definition of losers. 0-16. But after a winningless season, the Lions are out to find if their number 1 pick will be the quarterback of the future (or just the next five years, until they have to draft another QB with the first pick).

Julianna Van Patten - Mark Sanchez, QB NYJ - Washington Redskins
Julianna is the "party girl" of the group, and she lives a rich and extravagant lifestyle (with a nice apartment, as well). She's also looking for love she couldn't find while growing up. Sanchez looks like the "party boy" of the draft, living up the California lifestyle at USC and only starting one meaningful season in college. He (and the Jets) will be looking for something they haven't seen in a long time (well before Sanchez was even born): an electrifying QB like the one-and-only Joe Willie Namath. The Redskins spend and spend to get the biggest free agents every year, and every year the money is not well spent. Redskins fans are looking for something they haven't seen since they were little: a competitive team.

Kirby Keager - Chris Wells, RB ARI - Minnesota Vikings
Working as a waiter, Kirby has aspirations of becoming a lawyer. He also becomes obsessed with a girl he meets and is even willing to change careers to be with her. Wells has aspirations of becoming the next great NFL running back from Ohio State (no need for "The" as there isn't another school like it, that's for sure...). He may want to consider changing careers as another injury sidelines him early in the preseason. The Vikings have aspirations of being an elite team in the NFL. They have become so obsessed with Brett Favre as the answer to their prayers that there will willing to jeopardize their relationship with the other QBs on the team, not to mention the entire locker room.

Wendy Beamish - Matthew Stafford, QB DET - Green Bay Packers
The "innocent" of the group, Wendy dedicates her life to helping others, but at the same time she wishes to break free from her family's overprotectiveness and assert her independence. Stafford is the top of the draft, dedicated to the woeful Detroit Lions for 6 years. He probably wishes he can be the QB to break this losing curse and assert himself as a QB to watch for many years to come. The Packers are a home-grown team, with fans who bleed green and gold. They wish to break free from the Favre debacle (that has lasted too long) with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, in what the Packers hope can be another fruitful era in the league.

Alec Newbury - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR OAK - Denver Broncos
A shameless, yet ambitious, Democratic yuppie, Alec surprises everyone when he works for a Republican senator. He's desperate to marrie Leslie, even though he cheats on her. Heyward-Bey surprised everyone when he was drafted by the Raiders before Crabtree, the perennial number one wide-out (and potential top draft pick). He needs to show everyone his speed (4.3 in the 40) and skills are worth the seventh overall pick, but being on the Raiders could cheat him from potential productivity. The Denver Broncos surprised everyone when they went with Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. Desperate to show he runs the show, he puts Cutler out there as trade bait (which backfired) and now is stuck with Orton and Simms as his QBs.

So there you have it. Do you agree with these comparisons? If not, let me know what you think. Later!

Character descriptions from Wikipedia
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