Friday, August 7, 2009


Where did the time go? Looks like I've been more truant than Kate Hudson's career, but seriously folks...

Man, it has been a wild time since my last post from July 13th. Moving into a new apartment, my BF's wedding, the loss and addition of new movies to my collection...

Oh yeah, that's right. I have more DVDs! And I also have my first BRDs, too! So rather than write a post for each of these losses and additions, I figured I'd just write a sentence or two about what's new and what's out of my life. Without further adieu, here are the DVDs that we had to say goodbye to:

Duck Soup - Even though I have it in my collection, this particular copy was what kept me laughing for days and weeks. The very definition of what a comedy should be.

Harry Potter Series - Even though they weren't the best fantasy series I owned (cough, Lord of the Rings, cough) I did enjoy the story because I had read all the books.

National Security - Never saw it, don't want to.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Without Cameron at the helm, it just hasn't been the same. And it was full-screen!!!

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton - Oh, Topher Grace, this was the best you could find? Love the Topher, just will never watch this movie.

The loss will truly be felt... in terms of number of DVDs.

And now for the new additions:

Animaniacs, Volumes 1-3 - I have to blame Nostalgia Critic (NC) for this. And I have to blame Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) and Cinemassacre for introducing me to NC.

Batman (BR) - Finally! I had been waiting forever to own this movie, and Border's had a 50% off BRDs last month, which will tie into a future post about how truly insane I am (because of the SO).

Coraline (BR) - One look at the word "3D" on the box, and the SO was hooked. Plus, it shows off the capabilities of the BR, so not a bad purchase.

The Dark Knight (BR) - This is what started it all, my BRD collection, and it was so worth it to buy. Didn't think it could get any better, but in BR it can.

Enemy of the State (BR) - Loved it when I first saw it. Loved it again because I bought it with Batman, meaning I bought 2 BRDs for the price of 1!!!

Harry Potter 1-5 (BR) - Let's just say the SO better love me for them, because I went through hell (and a tank of gas) to get these for her. Again, this story will be in the future post I spoke of above.

Independent America: The Search For Mom and Pop - The SO really loved this movie. And because we had to give up our DVR (which has had that movie on there since July 2007!) for a new one, I thought having a copy of it on DVD might bring a smile to her face.

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode Two - If you can't understand why I bought this, then you obviously have never seen Star Wars...which is a shame...because this was hilarious! And the extended version makes this worth the buy.

Congratulations to all the new additions, I hope you enjoy your new home. In the next post, I'll give reviews of all the movies I have seen since I last posted in July. They'll just be one to two sentences long, because there are a lot to go through, and I don't have the patience to write that much on each of them. Until then, later!

PS - I still want to get rid of both copies of Transformers and the special edition of Dark Knight. Someone please take these away from me!!!

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