Monday, June 15, 2009

Then God created the plasma TV, and all was good

Cue music... (Read this post as the music plays)

It's finally here...
The moment you've been waiting for...

In all of its glory, I give you the new TV I've been waiting for my whole life (well, actually three weeks, but it seemed like an eternity!). I give you the Samsung 860 series 50-inch plasma TV, able to provide 1080p picture with 0.001 ms response time, it just makes your toes curl thinking about it!

And I wasn't even there for the unveiling. I know, it's sad, but I think I can forgive myself by basking in its glow, it's 50-inch glow. And the first thing I watched on it was... Dancing with the Stars (ugh).

Okay, not a great way to start but the next thing was... American Idol (Ugh).

Well, third time's the charm. And I finally got to watch... Star Wars (yay!)! Only ten minutes, as it was early in the morning and I had to get ready for the day, but still, it was great. Not HD great, but that's for future posts. It was worth the wait, and I have so much sports, so many movies, so little time to watch it all. Hmm, maybe if I... no, that would involve me losing my one source of income, so what if I... no, I can't sell that much of my bodily fluids, so... I guess I'll just have to watch when I can. And it's great, if I can just figure out why the cable signal is only coming in at 1080i and 60 hz. Maybe it's the cable box...


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