Friday, May 8, 2009

The moment you've been waiting for...that could crush the very fabric of this blog!!

I'm afraid of what this might have done to what has been a fairly solid blog for me.  I can't believe I've been writing for this blog for over four months, and up until now, things have been pretty good.  That is, until NOW!

What could create such a rip in the space-time continuum?  Well, if you must know, the SO and I bought a new television.  And not just any television, a Samsung 860 series 50" plasma HDTV!

And here's the backstory...

April 25: I set up an entire day of surprises for the SO as it is her birthday.  I won't say how old she is, because I'd never be able to see my testicles again.  Long story short, I propose to her, she says yes, and all is good.

April 26: We have errands to do, but because it's early on Sunday, we stop by H.H. Gregg because it's the only thing open near the mall.  SO jokes about getting a TV, as if because I bought her an engagement ring, she must return the favor with a new TV.

Backstory to my backstory: we're moving in July, we have an old cathode ray tube TV that weighs a metric ton, I have the back of an 82-year old.  You do the math, now back to my original backstory...

We're looking at TVs, when the SO spots the new LED television sets.  They're described as eco-friendly, and use 40% less energy than Samsung's 2008 LCD models of the same size.  As she's a treehugger (nothing wrong with it, just have to point it out), this means a lot to her.  Means a lot to me too, but I'm hesitant about it for some reason.  The salesman (a good guy for putting up with us...I mean, it takes us a month, literally, to decide what to have for dinner the next day) points out that even the best LED/LCD will lag with fast motion on the screen, including football and fast action sequences in movies.  Ugh, don't like the sound of that, so we say we have to think about it.  At that time, the 55" LED, normally $3599.99, was on sale for $2999.99 until Tuesday.

April 28: We go back to H.H. Gregg to look again at the TVs, when I see it in the corner of my eye.  A 58" plasma TV from Samsung.  Clearly, Samsung has the market for LED and plasma!  I'm torn.  I want to help the environment, but the plasma picture looked really good.  So the SO and I go back and forth for 90 minutes.  For some reason, she was leaning yes for buying the LED and I was hesitant!  We decide to investigate plasma TVs, as the same salesman pointed out the myths about plasma, and plan to come back on May 1 with our decision.

April 29: I ask a co-worker about his TVs, if he preferred plasma over LCD.  He loves them both!  No help there, until he realizes we've been to H.H. Gregg.  Somehow, his wife is friends with the wife of the general manager of H.H. Gregg!  So after lab, we rush to the store to meet with the general manager, who makes an incredible deal on the 55" LED: $2699.99!  But I was noticing after viewing that TV that I was slightly getting a headache.  Considering a TV is the last thing I need to give me a headache, I'm really hesitant about LED.  Because of this, the SO starts to lean away from LED.

May 1: Judgment day.  After long consideration, the SO and I agreed on a TV.  Since I liked plasma and we were going to have this TV for the next 25 years, I had to make this purchase a good one.  But the 58" plasma was $3499.99.  Too pricey for us.  So I had researched the day before about the 50" version.  I love it, Love It, LOVE IT!  It was priced from Samsung's website at $2399.99.  Because we know the general manager is a good guy willing to lower the price, we're hoping he has or would have that TV in stock.  He had put the purchase in last week for the 50" model and is willing to sell it to us for $1929.00!  Sold!

Because we have bad luck with electronics, we got the 5-year warranty, plus we paid for H.H. Gregg to deliver the new TV and take the behemoth away.  So all in all, we paid $2600 for this beautiful piece of work.

And why might this destroy the very essence of this blog?  Because I might not be able to ever take my eyes off of it.  It's too beautiful not to get mesmerized by it.  I can already picture watching DVDs 24 hours a day just to see what they look like on 50" plasma.  Not to mention football, basketball, sitcoms!  It just makes me drool...

The punchline to this story is: the TV is so new it probably won't come in until the end of this month.  But it'll be worth the wait.  Now I just have to decide what will be the first thing to watch on it...hmm...Star Wars, anyone?


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