Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For once, Best Buy actually means what they say!

Hey-yo!  I'm back with a post I haven't been able to write for a long time: a post about a DVD purchase.  Well, it might get thinner yet, but that's for another time.  So what goody did I shell out money for this time?

Long title, I know.  But it's worth it to have another piece of my childhood in DVD form.  And thanks to one of my peeps, I was reminded why Best Buy has that name.  Luckily, they still honor the price of a competitor, meaning if a competitor has a lower price and I have proof of it, they will sell the product to me at the lower price.  Which means I have more money to spend, er, save on DVDs!

Who would be crazy enough to sell this DVD for cheap?  Of course that would be our favorite retailer, Wal-Mart.  For once, they served a purpose.  Saved me 7 bucks.  I'd say that was pretty good.  And at just $30 for this purchase, I still have $9 in the DVD fund.  Yay!

I don't know when my next purchase might be, because I have something that might shake the very foundation of this blog.  I know, it's that big!  But that's for another post... (of course I have to raise the intensity level, it makes for good drama, like TNT...seriously, I've seen way too many of those commercials).  Later!

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